Nástroje pro vzdálenou výuku

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This is an overview of tools, which can be used for remote teaching at computer science departments.

Please have a look at the MFF-wide manual for distance teaching first.

If you have any questions, please write an e-mail to Martin Mareš.

Shared Zoom accounts

We were using shared Zoom accounts for tutorials, but we the license for them has expired and it was not renewed. Faculty members who need Zoom should ask for a personal account.

Recording lectures

If you want to record a lecture for later viewing by students, there are several possibilities:

  • Use the video camera in lecture halls at Malá Strana (see below)
  • Record it in Zoom
  • Use the department's video camera
  • Use your own equipment

The recording can be published using the university streaming server, either for public viewing, or restricted to the academic community (i.e., anybody with a CAS login). If you want to upload your videos, please ask for access.

If you want any help with editing video, or transcoding it to a better compressed format, please consult the computer administrators of your department.

Recording in S9

The S9 lecture hall is equipped with a video camera and wireless microphones, which are suited for recording lectures. The camera is controlled from the panel at the teacher's desk (the one which also controls lights and window blinds).

The recordings can be downloaded via SFTP from avt.ms.mff.cuni.cz. The SFTP server is accessible only from the network at Malá Strana and it requires password authentication using an account either from CAS or from the MS computer labs. You can ask semerad@sisal.mff.cuni.cz for access rights.

Beware that you need to keep the AV equipment turned on before it finishes uploading the video.

Recording in other rooms at Malá Strana

Other large lecture halls at Malá Strana are equipped with a video camera connected to the computer in the teacher's desk. It can be used with Zoom to offer remote access to the lecture. There is also OBS Studio installed, which can stream the lecture or record it nicely. The camera can be controlled using remote control which is stored in a drawer of the desk. There is a user guide there.

Small lecture halls usually have web cameras.