Computer labs in Malá Strana building

Lab location, phone number
Opening hours
Operating rules
Lab dislocation
Lab administration
Teaching in labs
User accounts

Lab location, phone number

  • The SU1 and SW1 labs are on the ground floor. They are side rooms in the main hall of the Rotunda.
  • The SU2 and SW2 labs are on the ground floor in the corridor behind the reception area.
  • Phone to the Rotunda lab: 951 554 291

Opening hours

  • Access to the laboratory is possible only in the presence of a service administrator or teacher
  • On teaching days, the regular operating hours of laboratories apply
  • On weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00, access to the building is via the main entrance without restrictions
  • Outside working hours, the service administrator allows students to enter the building through the side entrance and only once every full hour. The same restrictions apply for leaving the laboratory
  • On weekends, the laboratory is open from 10:00 until 20:00
  • During holidays, the laboratory is only open on weekdays from 14:00 to 20:00
  • At the beginning of the summer holidays (the first week in July) and at the end of the holidays (two weeks before the beginning of the semester), the laboratory has an extended holiday opening time from 10:00 to 20:00.
  • The laboratory is only open if a service administrator is present. You can check the table that shows the schedule of service administrators outside the regular schedule in the table with their schedule.
  • Holiday operation has its own schedule.

Users are required to comply with

Lab dislocation

  • SU1, SU2, left part of Rotunda - OS Unix computers
  • SW1, SW2, right part of Rotunda - OS Windows computers

Lab administration

The operation of labs in Malá Strana and IMPAKT buildings is provided by the Networks and Labs Management Center (SISAL).
  • Josef Šimůnek (lab management, services, schedules, reservations, OS Windows stations)
  • František Šebek (hardware issues)
  • Pavel Semerád (OS Unix stations and lab server administration)
  • Radmila Hacklová (new accounts, forgotten passwords, receipts for printing)

Operational issues should be addressed primarily to the service andministrator in the laboratory in person, or by e-mail: servis-l()

Teaching in labs

  • Teaching is scheduled for the laboratories S[UW][12] according to the central faculty schedule or by agreement with the laboratory administration by the secretary of the department
  • Teachers and students are admitted to the SU1 and SW1 laboratories by the service administrator on duty.
  • Teachers in SU2 and SW2 pick up the keys themselves in the reception. Teachers who do not have an MFF UK employee card must report to the laboratory administration before the beginning of the semester that they will want to collect the keys in order to be added to the list of persons authorized to pick up the keys.
  • Solve all problems by speaking to the service administrator in the Rotunda, including problems with access to SU2 and SW2.

User accounts

  • MFF students and stuff

From the beginning of September 2019, MFF students can log into PCs in classrooms in Malá Strana and IMPAKT buildingsusing a username and password from CAS (CAS - Central Authentication Service of Charles University) with a username and password on computers in PC classrooms in Malá Strana. These login details are provided to all students at the beginning of their studies. Existing users who already have an MS account may log in in either way: they may use a username and password from MS, or a username and password from CAS. The username is the same and the password differs only if they entered a different password on the MS from their password for CAS.