Distance education

Dear students,

as you know, the government order led to classes being canceled and gradually stronger measures are implemented. We expect the school closure to last for at least a month, if not longer. We are now gradually switching to a remote form of teaching with the goal to complete all courses this semester, including final exams and defenses (their timing and form will be determined later). We expect the schedule of this semester to be adjusted in response to current and any further disruptions leading to an overall delay of a few weeks at the end of the semester.

At the school of computer science, we have decided to communicate with you using moodle and zoom platforms, in addition to web pages and email. For updates concerning these platforms, together with some technical advice, see the faculty manual and CS school manual.

You have received or will receive information about subjects you have enrolled in directly from your teachers. The form of teaching is up to them; it may include online lectures, Q&A sessions, or individual sessions on the zoom platform. For online classes, we will try to respect the current timetable and have the recordings available for later viewing – one needs to expect varying quality of internet access and service disruptions. Zoom allows all interaction to be also recorded; if you wish to stay out of the recorded video, please follow the lectures with video switched off – even then you can ask questions, e.g., in the chatroom.

Given the situation, one can assume that there will be irregularities and unexpected situations involving students as well as teachers. We plan to take this into account as much as possible. We also ask you for your understanding.

Thank you,

Prof. Jiri Sgall
Vice-Dean for Computer Science

March 16, 2020